Who is Juggling Octopus?


Juggling Octopus Business Support was founded in 2018 by Sarah Moore. Her goal was to provide small businesses, from one-man bands and start-ups, to larger, established businesses, with the help that they often need, but without the complexity and cost of employing another person. Sarah’s experience is drawn from the worlds of Sales, Management, Business Mentoring and running a small business of her own.

Realising that after a few months, the business needed more resource, Beth Nadin joined as a co-Director, bringing experience from the Corporate world of Finance, Management Accounting and Auditing, as well as having a small business of her own. 

As Juggling Octopus grew and gathered more clients, the team expanded, bringing in a number of freelance workers who all brought a wealth of experience from different areas.

Juggling Octopus is now entering another stage of business, as are many other companies in these unprecedented times. However, we remain true to our goals, of providing support for all other businesses, doing the things you don’t know how to do, don’t have time to do, or don’t want to do.

We have:

•Over 65 years of Corporate experience in Sales, Finance, Business Mentoring, Management and many other areas

•Experience of starting up five businesses

•Freed up more than 5,129 hours for our clients 

since April 20