How we charge

We try to keep our pricing structure as simple as possible, so that you know that you are only paying for what you need.

We can provide weekly timesheets on request, so that you can keep a track of what is being done, and how many hours have been used.

General/Admin support is charged at £25 per hour

Specialist support is charged at £125 per half day or £250 per full day

Onboarding fee of £250.

There is no minimum number of hours you need to commit to - we can provide anything from a couple of hours a week to 20+ hours per week

There is no formal contract - just a letter of engagement, so you can switch our services on or off as you need

Our payment terms are 14 days.

All charges are subject to 20% VAT

Covid-19 update

To help clients in these unprecedented times we are;

- waiving the onboarding fee

- amending payment terms to be 50% at 14 days and the balance at 60 days